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For leaders who want to move forward from coherence

Systemic Business School is the place where up-and-coming and established leaders can feel supported and understood. Our professional trainers and coaches are not afraid of the challenges and complexities you encounter in your work as (interim) leader. They know how to take you along on a systemic journey of knowing, being and doing. Systemic leadership gives you the tools to continue on your path as a leader with new inspiration and energy.

As an experienced leader, you know exactly how to lead your organization and team economically, financially and commercially. But are you also getting everything out of the elements together as a whole? Out of your people, out of your organization, out of yourself?

Systemic Business School is for leaders who are ready to add something to their leadership style. Our trainers and coaches teach you to zoom out and look at things from a different perspective. As (former) leaders, they know how systemic insight can enhance your personal leadership. And how much easier and more enjoyable achieving your goals becomes, together with your team and organization.

The power of systemic leadership

Systemic leadership has developed over the past 20 years and has now proven its worth. Countless leaders in different places and in wonderful roles choose to lead their organizations, projects and teams in a systemic way. Not only does it allow you to grow as a leader, the entire system you lead becomes more vital, productive and happy.

Systemic leadership is an excellent addition to your current leadership style. You will discover how to seek connections, in and around the organization, and create cohesion. You will understand how to inspire and support your team. You will experience how you can feel supported by an organization that moves from coherence. It changes everything!

Systemic leadership brings you new insights. From now on, you will use your head and your heart. You look at the whole, but also at your employees – and the wealth of wisdom they have. From that coherence, your organization and the people within it can truly develop in an enduring manner.

Systemic leadership gives you and your organization

Training programs and courses by Systemic Business School

Systemic Business School gives leaders completely new tools to work with and within the whole. Find the training program, workshop or course that suits you!

Our training programs

From upper management to trainees; systemic insight is a valuable asset for any leader. Systemic Business School offers short courses that suit your needs as a leader at any stage of your career.

In-company training

With customized in-company courses, live or online, we focus on the needs of your organization. Let’s discuss how we can ensure the training program best matches your situation!

This program
has made me aware of my natural principles

Systemic Business School

Systemic Business School gives leaders completely new tools for their leadership style. When you work from the connectedness of the whole, you will find it easier and more enjoyable to achieve your goals, together with your team and organization. Systemic leadership helps you to continue your journey as a leader with inspiration and energy.

Our trainers have worked with leaders from a variety of organizations: