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Are you ready for a training program that offers you more than the familiar professional tools that you always revert back to? Do you feel there are opportunities to use your leadership in a broader and more complete manner?

Systemic Business School gives leaders completely new tools to work with and within the whole. It empowers leaders and their employees. And it allows organizations to develop in a more vital, energetic and sustainable way.

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Customized in-company courses

Systemic Business School also develops customized in-company courses for organizations, both on location and online. We put the focus of the training on your needs. Let’s discuss how we can ensure the training program best matches your organization!


Systemic leadership
gives me completely new tools to work with.”

Our trainers and educators

The trainers at Systemic Business School are experienced (former) leaders who worked in a variety of organizations and teams. Systemic work has given them the tools to experience and express their leadership in a completely different way. From that knowledge and strength, they provide professional training and education to up-and-coming and established leaders.

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Our trainers
know the power of systemic leadership from practice

Systemic Business School

Systemic Business School gives leaders completely new tools for their leadership style. When you work from the connectedness of the whole, you will find it easier and more enjoyable to achieve your goals, together with your team and organization. Systemic leadership helps you to continue your journey as a leader with inspiration and energy.

Our trainers have worked with leaders from a variety of organizations: