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About Systemic Business School

Leadership is much more than applying the same business tools over and over again. Achieving goals. Making prognoses. Leadership is also about connectedness. Working with your head and your heart. With yourself and your team. With your organization and with the outside world.

The trainers and coaches at Systemic Business School know this, as experienced leaders. Our professionals are not only trainers within systemic work and philosophy, but also have at least 10 years of experience in a leadership position. They know how systemic insight will complete your personal leadership and how much easier it will be for you to achieve your goals with your team and your organization. They are eager to transfer that knowledge to you.

Systemic Business School is an initiative of the Bert Hellinger Institute The Netherlands, known around the world as the institute for systemic work within organizations.

The Systemic Business School team

“Complete leadership requires both your head and your heart.”


Barbara Hoogenboom (1972) studied Business Administration at Nyenrode Business University and at the University of Oregon in the USA. After 11 years of leadership experience with banks and insurance companies, she embarked on a career as a mediator and entrepreneur within her national mediation network.

Barbara stumbled upon systemic work by accident. It immediately clicked, and systemic work has become an integral part of her life and work. Over the past 10 years, Barbara has become proficient as a highly professional and honest systemic facilitator, trainer, and coach. As a systemic facilitator, she has worked with many organizations and their management and leaders. She is also a leader of the Bert Hellinger Institute The Netherlands.

“Leadership requires a pure connection with yourself and everything you are in contact with.”


Marion Latour (1973), who studied chemical technology and crisis management, has over 20 years of leadership experience within various fire department, police and municipal organizations. In her career, she has led large groups of employees (400+) and handled several large-scale crisis situations.

In 2013, she began taking training courses in systemic work and discovered that systemic work can help create movement when there are blockages in your team or organization. Since 2017, she has focused on systemic work fulltime. She is now co-owner of the Bert Hellinger Institute and a highly skilled systemic trainer, facilitator, and coach.

“Only when you manage to look beyond your own ego and combine all the knowledge and wisdom, you can make the right choices for the organization as a leader.”


Ria Allewijn-Koekkoek (1969) has over 15 years of experience with systemic work and facilitating leaders and teams in both corporate and operational roles, in the non-profit and commercial industries. She has contributed to the transition in the energy sector from utility to commercial organization in various roles.

Ria has based her working method on the realization that the power of the collective gives so much more guidance than a collection of individuals. The pay-off is more focus and definition. When you look past a possible question of guilt, you’ll discover what your issue is really about – and you can identify and harness its potential.

“Good leadership is leading ‘the herd’ into a future that is healthy for everyone.”


Henry Weessies (1970) has more than 15 years of experience as an organizational consultant, interim manager and process facilitator, primarily in government organizations. Henry is always looking for what it takes to bring existing patterns into focus and create room for alternatives. In addition, he is especially interested in creating peace and space: in this hurried world, we so often lose sight of ourselves and each other, and miss out on so much beauty as a result.

Systemic insight brings humanity into organizations without making it too personal. It connects the human with the corporate. It helps relax.

“A successful leader has an eye for the individual parts as well as the whole.”


Sandra Hardenberg (1979) holds a bachelor’s degree in general linguistics and a master’s degree in neurolinguistics, and has over 14 years of management experience in various organizations. She has now been working as an office manager and operations manager at the Bert Hellinger Institute for over 6 years.

Sandra is versatile and sensitive, and knows how to connect the lines and dots to make a whole. She brings that strength to every project and also uses it in her role as co-owner of the Bert Hellinger Institute.

As we see the future, so we act. As we act so we become. That is the alchemy of leadership.


Ligia Cremene (1978) has worked with leaders from various organizations in Europe and around the world. She is a multi-disciplined professional, having been trained and gaining experience in several areas of expertise from Telecommunications Engineering (PhD and postdoctoral studies) to Organizational Psychology (master’s degree) and Psychotherapy (certified practitioner). She has an academic background in engineering and interdisciplinary research and as a tenured professor she was involved in international research projects and teaching for 20 years.

What summarizes her professional experience is systems thinking, interdisciplinarity, and managing complexity – both in technology and in human systems. For her it has always been about systems, that’s how she perceives the world. As a systemic consultant, transformation facilitator, and leadership coach she joins people in exploring system dynamics at multiple levels: individual, group, organization, and society. We thus create the space-time context for individuals, teams, and organizations to rediscover and recreate themselves.

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Systemic Business School

Systemic Business School gives leaders completely new tools for their leadership style. When you work from the connectedness of the whole, you will find it easier and more enjoyable to achieve your goals, together with your team and organization. Systemic leadership helps you to continue your journey as a leader with inspiration and energy.

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