Achieve coherence and movement
in your leadership and organization


Systemic Business Leadership

Leadership to deal with tomorrow’s complexities

Every organization faces issues that can no longer be viewed solely from a managerial, operational, HR or IT perspective. Issues that cannot be solved with the familiar methods of causal and linear analysis, planning, control and adjustment. What do you do when your organization, your team, your dilemma calls for a broader perspective and a more complex understanding of what’s going on?

This course is for leaders who know how to look at economics, finance and commerce and who also feel that there are more parameters that can be adjusted. Who dare to follow their instincts and take their organization to the next level from coherence. For leaders who feel they are ready for an update.

Increase your awareness of the natural principles in systems, in addition to what you already know and can do, and strengthen your leadership!

Now that I see the whole picture, a range of new possibilities is emerging.”

The course in a nutshell

This course focuses on Systemic Business Leadership. This means you learn to look at your team and your organization as part of a dynamic system, as well as part of a larger, societal system. We do not cut the complexity into cause-and-effect relationships, but analyse the complexity as a whole. You don’t have to flatten the complexity to see through it and work with it.

As a participant in this course, you will explore the impact of systems in five modules of 1 1/2 day each: both the natural side of ecosystems as well as the contemporary business side, and also the collective and intuitive group side. Crucial to this process is your leadership. After all, you are the instrument that can give the impulses. You don’t have to give up anything you already know or can do; we invite you to add something new.

This course is Dutch spoken. It is possible to follow this course in English for your in-company training.

Who for?

This course is for experienced managers and entrepreneurs who have worked in a leadership role for at least eight years and feel prepared to make future, difficult decisions to bring about real change.

This training is for you when…

  • You know that the potential of management tools is not being fully utilized, encounters obstructions or no longer works properly.
  • You feel you are being pulled apart or are trapped by increased complexity.
  • You dare to commit to today’s tasks.
  • You understand or feel that vulnerability and not-knowing are potentially powerful keys in today’s times.
  • You have or want to develop the ability to look beyond your own boundaries, and discover, experience and do new things.

This training is not for you when…

  • You are looking for short-term solutions or quick fixes.
  • You like to keep everything nice and pretty, and don’t want to face (the sometimes harsh) reality.
  • You are mainly concerned with finding a scapegoat or a person who should solve the problem or leave for that reason.
  • You think that with your story and past, you are interchangeable or do not have an impact.
  • You allow more room for your ego and your fear of making mistakes than for your vulnerability and your potential to learn.


This course provides you with the tools to become successful in connection with your environment and with your organization, with customers and with suppliers, with clients and with employees, with past, present and future:

  • Leadership for a healthy future.
  • New skills and insights that you can use to get your business, your team and your environment moving and connected.
  • A lasting leadership development, which not only gets you moving, but also the people around you.

Teaching method

Classes are taught in five modules of 1 1/2 day each, from Thursday afternoon through Friday afternoon. In addition to the transfer of knowledge, there is plenty of room to learn from and with each other, to experiment and to try things out on the basis of practical situations. In addition, the participants become a close-knit learning and practice community, where you can help each other apply what you have learned in your business practice.

Co-creation and joint leadership helps us develop a ‘collective intelligence’, which – in interaction – can grow into more than the sum of its parts. Listening to each other, with a curious ear and an open mind, will result in new energy, inspiration, views, perspectives and insights.

Joint leadership
is so much more powerful than the sum of its parts

The program

The Systemic Business Leadership program focuses on the paradoxical challenges that modern leaders face. How can you take appropriate leadership in such situations?

Zoom out and stay connected

Zooming out to the bigger picture and staying connected with all the individuals in your organization. You will discover how to zoom out by finding the connection with yourself, your patterns and origins, and your position within the whole. You will learn to apply this to your organization. You develop your ability to identify patterns and fractals and to connect with your people from authenticity and compassion.

Slow down to accelerate

Increase the clock speed of your organization by regularly slowing down. How do you create the setting (holding space) where everything is on time and yet there is no rush, just like in nature? How do you manage to not intervene, but wait and slow down in order to accelerate? You learn to see what emerges next and discover which patterns in that new situation are yours and which are those of the organization.

Resistance & fragmentation: the group self

Making room for everything that is there and keeping the focus on what it should really be about, without excluding anything or anyone. You learn to work effectively with the collective rather than with individuals. Use interdependence and diversity as sources of strength and create a challenging learning environment. You’ll discover how to tap into and leverage the potential of the whole rather than optimize the individual parts.

Sensing the future & leading in the now

Being busy with the here and now and constantly keeping an eye on the long term. How do you break the pattern of short-term thinking and make deliberate decisions, also for the future? What implicit messages are being given to your organization? What does this require of you? What spurs you on and how are you connected to society? You will learn to see the future according to the 7-generations principle and translate this vision into everyday practice.

Grow bigger or grow smaller

Knowing when to continue something and when to stop something. About stopping, saying goodbye, letting go and taking losses, while maintaining potential for both parties. Is there enough Yes and enough No within yourself and your organization? Which good reasons do we have to continue beating a dead horse and how can we do it differently? You will learn how hope and ambition can remain our driving forces, while we are no longer blinded by opportunism and over-optimism.

Practical information


The Systemic Business Leadership course is designed for experienced managers and entrepreneurs who have worked in a leadership role for at least eight years. No prior training is required to participate in this course.

The trainers

This course is taught by our experienced trainers:
Ria Allewijn
Barbara Hoogenboom
Marion Latour
Henry Weessies


23 & 24 June 2022
8 & 9 Sept 2022
13 & 14 Oct 2022
10 & 11 Nov 2022
15 & 16 Dec 2022

Number of participants

Min. 10 – max. 16.


Rate is €7,950 (exempt from VAT) including 32-hour package (including an overnight stay).


Training accommodation:

De Luwte
Apeldoornseweg 185
8075 RJ Elspeet

Hotel accommodation:

Hotel Mennorode
Apeldoornseweg 185
8075 RJ Elspeet

Registration procedure

You can sign up using the registration form below. Of course, you can also contact by e-mail and by phone before registration if you have a question. Once we receive your form, we will send you an e-mail request to write a short motivation. We will then contact you for an intake interview. 

Meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic

Systemic Business School is making every effort to follow the government guidelines where possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is our aim to work in accordance with the latest guidelines and within the possibilities. Want more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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Systemic Business School

Systemic Business School gives leaders completely new tools for their leadership style. When you work from the connectedness of the whole, you will find it easier and more enjoyable to achieve your goals, together with your team and organization. Systemic leadership helps you to continue your journey as a leader with inspiration and energy.

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