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Question for leaders  |  24 May 2023

“What ever important quality has been lost during an incident or change process?”

Systemic leader Barbara Hoogenboom:

“If an incident occurs in an organization, an unexpected event or at least an event in which the people involved had no choice or influence, that event can cause lasting change in the organization.

For example, when it is decided that 2 teams will be merged immediately or soon. Or 1 team split into multiple teams. Or that a number of tasks change drastically.

What could happen is that such an event produces such a shock that the people involved cannot actually bounce back to the qualities they had. Too much resilience was actually asked for that they couldn’t provide.

In a split second, something is split off. For example, the ability to trust the executives. Or the passion for your work. Or standing up for each other as colleagues. Or that you no longer give your heart so much in your work because it has been touched.

What change in your organization came so suddenly that something was lost unnoticed?”

This question comes from the Systemic Leadership Fan. This fan contains 224 questions on 45 themes. Every question has the potential to help you in your systemic leadership.

Barbara Hoogenboom

Leader Systemic Business School


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