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Question for leaders  |  30 August 2023

“Where are you moving from with the innovation?”

Systemic leader Barbara Hoogenboom:

“If an organization has to be constantly updated, it actually means that you are always taking a step forward. You keep going somewhere, something always needs to be done differently or better or redesigned or figured out.

But if you move towards something, then of course you also move away from something. So if you always want to innovate, you can also ask yourself: what is it that you still want to move away from? And is the innovation as you use it appropriate?

Perhaps the innovation could be that you stop for a moment or turn around and become aware of what it is that you actually no longer want. Perhaps that requires attention, farewell, recognition in a different way. Or maybe you can just clarify what it is you want to stop doing. Perhaps another type of innovation will present itself once you have done that.

It may also be that the innovation has been used to avoid something at all costs.
For example, something unpleasant has happened in the organization that should never happen again. Then we immediately adjust our procedures and move away from that which was annoying, painful or sad. That also requires attention, because innovation from this motive only succeeds if the pain, the failure, the sadness are first acknowledged.

So: where are you moving from with the innovation?”

This question comes from the Systemic Leadership Fan. This fan contains 224 questions on 45 themes. Every question has the potential to help you in your systemic leadership.

Barbara Hoogenboom

Leader Systemic Business School


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